My dad was a builder. My uncles were builders, signwriters and electricians. My grandfathers were builders and mechanics as well.


I wanted to join the family heritage but was given the opportunity to make a change and follow a different path.

I’ve spent years studying and learning business both at University, through work based study and on the ground in my own businesses. I’ve also spent the past 14 years working directly with tradies and other small business owners to help them make more money, spend less time on the tools and enjoy the important things in life.

I’ve kept my blue collar roots, but nowadays it’s projects at home for enjoyment and fulfillment rather than to make a living.

I do what I do because I love it and because I want to help as many tradies as possible create a real future for themselves and their families.

Despite being a highly skilled tradesman, my father never managed to get beyond the level of a self employed, sole operator. When his health deteriorated in his late 40’s, he was forced to rely on government benefits to keep our family running.

My vision is to help as many tradies get ‘off the tools’ and into true business ownership as I can. So they build a business that pays them an income whether they turn up to ‘work’ or not, and to create an asset or a legacy to provide them and their families with a quality of life only dreamed of by many.

The Tradies Business Show podcastTo help share some of the simple tips and strategies that have the power to change the game for tradies everywhere, I created and now host the Tradies Business Show with my colleague Michaela Clark. The podcast releases episodes weekly and interviews guests such as marketing expert Timbo Reid from Small Business Big Marketing, QBCC Commissioner Steve Griffin, SEO expert Jim Stewart and the Money Maven Michelle House. Michaela and I talk marketing, sales, customer service, technology and more in an honest, fun show that can be listened to anywhere from your car to the loo via iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud or Libsyn.

Join the thousands of other tradies who have made The Tradies Business Show part of their weekly routine!

I’ve also personally worked with literally hundreds of business owners since choosing to be a coach and mentor and now, as their ‘Business Wingman’. From mechanics, builders, plumbers and electricians to draftsmen, designers, civil construction managers and miners my clients have come from all walks of life and all parts of the country.

I’m also passionate about the other aspects of success that often get overlooked.

Our health and wellbeing.

13331137_10153614998876074_3074073832591492925_nAs a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and athlete I’ve learned a lot about business and myself while lifting weights and doing burpees! It’s all about measuring progress, doing the ordinary in extraordinary ways and learning to take feedback and be part of a community. I believe the skills and attitudes developed in this sport are directly transferable. ¬†Regardless of whether you’re into running, surfing, cycling or karate, some form of physical movement and a good, clean diet are fundamental to performing at a high level in all areas of your life, not just in business.


Check out some of my blog posts for more information on what I believe makes for a life of success.

Wishing you all the success you create.


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